Jason’s Fundraiser

Jason’s Fundraiser

Support Jason’s Journey

Before Jason was adopted, he was in the foster care system. Many traumatic things happened to him as an infant and toddler that were completely terrifying, that no one should ever have to witness or experience. Jason is now safe and sound, however; the effects of the trauma have stuck with him. Some wounds and illnesses cannot be seen. Jason has such wounds.

Jason is being treated at an exceptional mental health therapeutic residential center. The treatment center costs more than $15,000 per month, which is not covered by insurance and adoption subsidies. Broken down, the cost is $20 an hour for 24-hour care; a fraction of the cost of traditional one hour a week therapy. There are additional costs associated with traveling every five to six weeks for family therapy. The hardest part for us is that Jason will be there for 12-15 months, which will cost approx. $200K.

As a community of believers that desires to take care of children the way God has called us to, anything is possible when we work together. Some people may be able to cover 4 hours of therapy equaling $100. Others may be able to cover an entire day at $500. As resources are collected and shared, the burden is less. Please prayerfully consider being a part of changing the life of a hurting child forever.

Donations made in honor of a specific individual, or in response to campaign solicitations, are restricted by region only and do not obligate Help Hope Live to allocate funds towards a specific individual, as the IRS would deem such donations to be private gifts, which are not tax deductible. Clients receive support according to their medical and financial need. Help Hope Live is a 501(c)3 nonprofit. Information: 800.642.8399.

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