Our Story

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Our Story

It all began in 2015 when a new vision for the little hut on M36 came into view! Rise & Grind was born! We quickly set out to be the fastest coffee STOP for the hardest working Americans! With goals of serving all of our customers in under 2 minutes, and reinventing coffee delivery throughout Southeast Michigan and beyond. Even though quick and convenient are high priorities, we wanted our customers to know and feel that they are our family. Rise & Grind is a place where you can make a quick stop, come up to the window and feel like a welcomed, familiar face, not just another customer.


Unfortunately, in the Summer of 2021, a devastating fire destroyed our much-loved drive-thru location and served us with a scalding cup of reality. We were truly humbled by our community’s concern for our wellbeing, which only motivated us more to rethink how we could supply Rise & Grind to our favorite hardest working Americans as we wait for permission to rebuild; delivering custom, on-demand roasted coffee that can be packaged and shipped anywhere. We are so grateful for the community that continues to support us through the good times and the bad. We love supporting their causes and want to help them grow as well. Our delicious coffee blends make excellent fundraising options, one bag at a time.

Our Purpose

At Rise & Grind, we believe that every cup we serve, and every bag we sell, has the potential to start a friendship and partnership with our customers. We believe in teamwork. We are focused on our customers and our community. We’re kind, fun-loving, resilient, and always driven to learn and improve. Our purpose is to bring joy to life, one great cup of coffee at a time.

Our Process

Every day, we look forward to sharing a unique, enjoyable, and high-quality specialty coffee experience with our loyal customers. Our house blend creates the perfect base for a variety of coffee flavors that celebrate the seasons and every day alike. We want to reinvent coffee delivery to our community and be able to provide the best cup of coffee to all of the hardest working Americans.

Coffee where you need it, when you want it. Order your Rise & Grand favorites today!

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